Family's gridiron tradition
keeps rolling

Jim and Kathy McLauchlan
support Mustangs football
for 15 years and counting...

Jim and Kathy McLauchlan’s connection to Western football began in 1981 when their son, Scott, started his career as a Mustangs running back. The couple went to every one of Scott’s games that year. And every one the year after that.

37 years later, they’re still going strong, having just attended their 205th Mustang football game.

In addition to supporting the Mustangs in the stands for the last three decades, the two football fans are also ardent supporters of the Adopt A Mustang program, which provides resources for advanced training, travel costs, equipment, uniforms and tournament fees.

In turn, students are able to maximize their Western experience – gaining confidence, a strong work ethic and leadership skills, enabling them to be successful beyond their academic life.

“Over the years, we have met coaches, players, players’ families and so many others,” said Jim. “We’ve seen great teams, outstanding players’ performances, some great games, and also our share of disappointments.”

Jim and Kathy McLauchlan

Jim and Kathy have given nearly $11,000 to the program over the years.

“I believe life is full of relationships and we have a lot of great relationships here at Western,” McLauchlan said. “We are so connected to this university.”

Jim's connection to Western goes back to the early 50s when he attended Western as a business student. One of the stars of the Mustangs intercollegiate soccer champions, he graduated in 1956.

It’s why nearly 50 of his Class of ’56 classmates celebrated their 55th reunion by raising $100,000, which was then matched by the government to create an ongoing scholarship for Richard Ivey School of Business students.