It takes a village

Western supporters come together
to fund Alice Munro Chair in Creativity

When Alice Munro was awarded 2013’s Nobel Prize in Literature, recognized as a "master of the contemporary short story," Western University announced the Alice Munro Chair in Creativity in celebration of that remarkable honour.

Shortly thereafter, alumni, friends and supporters came out in droves to donate to the Chair, and raised $1.5 million to honour the creative accomplishments and achievements of one of Western University’s most extraordinary alumni. Matching dollars from Western brought the total funding for the Chair to $3 million, meaning the position is permanently endowed.

The Chair leads the creative culture of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Western, serving as a mentor and a model to faculty, staff and students. Assuming a leadership role between Western and the creative community in London, Ontario, the role also provides access to a world of writing beyond Canada, allowing the university to attract international authors as speakers and future writers-in-residence.

Nino Ricci

Nino Ricci

Internationally acclaimed Canadian author, Nino Ricci, was named the inaugural Chairholder in 2018. He hopes to lay the groundwork for continued creative thinking at Western – across all faculties and departments.

“The chair is a good place to start to think more broadly of creativity in context and how some of those skills can actually be communicated to students across the whole university environment.”