IBM contributes record
$65-million gift

IBM Canada delivered its trademark blue buzz as the technology giant contributed a landmark $65 million of computers and software to Western.

The gift was part of a $210 million initiative to create the IBM Canada Research and Development Centre – an innovation network formed by Western, IBM, the Governments of Canada and Ontario and the University of Toronto.

The Centre is an Ontario-based high performance and cloud computing network charged with storing and exploring the limitless amount of "big data" that is generated 24 hours a day from everything from functional MRI scans and watershed monitors to seismic readings and wind patterns.

IBM’s gift to Western provides researchers and scientists with the leading-edge research tools, in the form of analytics software, necessary to fully utilize and accelerate the processing capabilities of the revolutionary hardware to drive the research cloud platform the university also received as one of the primary nodes for the Southern Ontario Smart Computing and Innovation Platform (SOSCIP).

IBM business analytics software is helping Western researchers and scientists extract relevant data, analyze it and create pertinent reports through a web-based, service-oriented architecture.

The IBM DB2 database software offers the university a virtual computer lab for multiple workloads on distributed systems, producing unparalleled efficiencies for users and storage.