Proud graduate
supports next generation
to honour brother

For the Ng siblings, Western enhanced their lives immeasurably. And that is why youngest brother, Wilfred Ng, BA’85, LLD’11, donated $1.8 million HKD (approximately $228,000 CAD) to his alma mater, while paying tribute to his late brother, Harvey.

Harvey loved Canada,” Wilfred Ng said. “Amongst our siblings, he was the only one who chose to stay in Canada after graduation.”

Harvey Ng, BESc’86, started his own business not long after he graduated. He was confident that the education he received at Western prepared him well for the challenges ahead. He later diversified his business by expanding the family business into Canada. In 2009, he died of cancer at the age of 47.

“We established an international continuing student scholarship to help those high school students in Hong Kong who wish to further their education in Canada yet are financially incapable of doing so... We have fond memories of the times we spent at Western and value the great education we received. By establishing an international continuing student scholarship, we are giving back to the Hong Kong community and at the same time promoting the university in this part of the world.”

Wilfred Ng

Not only is the scholarship a way for Wilfred and his sisters Serena, BA’81, MA’82, and Grace, BA’85, to show their appreciation for a school they love and also help future students, it is also a meaningful way for them to honour their brother.

“Harvey enjoyed his university days thoroughly at Western. I am sure that Harvey would take great satisfaction in knowing that our contributions will ultimately support the education of our next generation.”

The Harvey Ng International Continuing Student Scholarship is awarded to a student who is a permanent resident of Hong Kong but may have completed secondary school elsewhere. Students are eligible if they are entering the first year of any full-time undergraduate degree program at Western and are chosen based on their final admission average. The scholarship will be worth $56,000 HKD or approximately $7,000 CAD each year.