Be Extraordinary. By the Numbers

$805,668,372 is an impressive total. But more important than any dollar amount, is the number of people who have been and will continue to be impacted by the success of this campaign - and the number of people who made it all possible. Thousands of generous donors, supporting thousands of students, faculty and staff who will continue to learn, teach, conduct research and collaborate to ensure the ongoing world-wide success of Western University.

Campaign Total


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a total of


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more than


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living in


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a total of

student contributions

Student awards, scholarships and bursaries

$118.1 million

total value
in student awards

$3.7 million

raised for international
learning experiences

Building research strengths - attract top talent


research chairs

$74.5 million

given in support of
research chairs

$247 million

raised for research

Engaging our alumni


increase in
alumni engagement


alumni engaged
during the Campaign

Building world-class facilities


new state-of-the-art

$102.3 million

donated towards infrastructure

Taking charge of our destiny

$309 million

Endowment total
at Campaign start,
April 20, 2007

$765 million

Endowment total
at Campaign conclusion,
*as of the end of September, 2018