Total Impact

More than 160,000 Canadians suffer concussions each year, half of which are sports-related. There is currently no cure for concussion, and no concussion is the same. Many individuals experience cognitive deficits and physical symptoms long after the impact itself. They struggle to return to, and fully experience daily life. This affects their overall health and wellbeing, and the very core of their identity.

A group of scientists at Western are at the forefront of discoveries that could change all that. With expertise that ranges from basic molecular biology to state-of-the-art imaging and clinical practice, they are working to understand what happens when concussions occur in order to better diagnose and develop therapies and strategies that will improve short- and long-term outcomes. They are sharing their knowledge through See the Line, an initiative that helps educate athletes, coaches, parents and the broader community about the serious impact of concussions.

Total Impact tells the stories of their work and of those affected by concussion – people like 10-year-old Sheldon Geerts, who is just one concussion away from being sidelined for life from the sports he loves.